Johan Bertin Wilsgård

Mann 1871 - 1961  (90 år)

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Afternoon at Osteren - 1953

On a boat trip with Jens and Selma Leikvik, and Johan and Agnes Wilsgaard to the Leikvik cabin at Osteren, Grandma wrote -
" In the afternoon we went in the boat and across the river, we walked up the road and under the waterfall. Uncle showed me the place where GrandmotherXs cabin used to be, and I picked some wildflowers to take with me to press."
Just days before this boat trip, Grandma was able to bring Selma and Agnes together on the dock. They held hands and cried. There had been a misunderstanding that left the two women mad at each other for 16 years. Now they could all go on this boat trip together, and the two women would have time to talk.

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